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Johnny Di Girolamo

Narrative and Audio Designer

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After 10 years working as a songwriter on the live scene I was invited to join the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers & Authors (now Ivor's Academy). 

Since then I've composed for video games, podcasts & livestreams, businesses and charities. 

Life throws many weird curve balls at us all, and the one thing the last few years helped me realise is 'I really miss writing.'

I'd already launched a D&D 5e podcast that I'd been taking semi- seriously as a hobby, but I kicked into overdrive and created an entire world based on my Anglo-Indian heritage and love of ancient history which launched as a live stream for 6 players. That included developing unique cultures, continents, mythologies, theologies, governmental systems, NPC's, items and quests for PC's to dynamically interact with. 

Alongside that I wrote a fantasy novel, joined the Writers' Guild of Great Britain AND had a short story published. I also worked as a writer's assistant for a showrunner of a major streaming company (reference available on request).  All this whilst holding down a full time teaching job at a leadership level, and studying for a Master's level qualification in Senior Leadership.

Now I'm looking to land my first narrative role in the games industry.

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