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Lore & 


Eleusaria Sourcebook

A sourcebook designed for use with various TTRPG systems, but primarily D&D 5e.

Contents include:

- Cities

- Key figures & relationships

- Basic mythologies

- Starting Hooks for players and game masters. 

The Night Before - Adventure Module

A one shot adventure designed for D&D 5e. Published on


Contents include: 

- Narrative plan

- Amnesia storyline

- Puzzles

- Spoken text boxes

Blood Reaver

A new class invented for D&D 5e. Published on 

- Invented "Echo" mechanic

- Unique abilities tied to narrative

- 3 subclasses each with accompanying narrative ties

- Narrative hooks for game masters to tie into their world. 

Aetherium Sage

A wizard subclass for D&D 5e. Published on

A subclass that fits into existing mechanics. 

- Includes narrative hooks for game masters & players.

- Invented spells and skill text tied to narrative intent. 

Wasuremono - short story

A published short story written for a competition with the theme 'Mystery'. Set in a near future cyber city and exploring the idea that memories can be downloaded and sold to others as a narcotic. 2000 words. 


Unity - short story

An unpublished short story written for a competition with the theme 'dystopia'. Set on a distant planet and exploring how democracy might be exploited. 2000 words. 

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Earth's Embers -

A short format podcast with standalone adventures set in the country of Eleusaria (see above sourcebook). 

- Main narrative writer.

- 10 hour narrative arcs.

- 3 seasons with separate stories.

- Team based narrative design.

BS Logo FINAL BGLetter White.png

A long form campaign livestream & podcast set in the world of Erionwel. 

- Main narrative writer.

- 6 interweaving character narratives

- Main story arc

- Additional lorecasts

Adventure & Plotting

Mechanics &

Dialogue & Prose

Erionwel Creation Myth

Erionwel Creation Myth

The creation myth for the world that 'Earths Embers' podcast and 'Blood & Song' livestream are set in.